In preparation for the New Normal Era, such as non-face-to-face, telecommuting and online lectures etc, SEWON Intelligence provides a platform that monitors health conditions at all times using both wearable and embedded sensors.

It is a real-time health monitoring system that informs users or provides measured biosignal data to doctors when visiting the hospital to enable more accurate diagnosis.

SEWON Intelligence promises to be responsible for your preventive health by continuously monitoring your health anytime, anywhere.


Develop and implement of a real-time preventive health-related system

Company Philosophy

The Philosophy of SEWON Intelligence is to create a corporate culture where members are happy, 
transparent and creative management, and companies working together with trust.

All members should be happy


This can be the driving force behind

the company’s development for a healthy lifestyle.

Transparent and creative 
corporate management


The company makes the overall management transparent and manage creatively through talent development.

Co-prosperity between companies


We cooperate transparently with our affiliates and play a leading role in mutual growth.