CEO Greetings

Based on advanced IT technologies in health monitoring systems, “SEWON Intelligence” will start off with maximum competitiveness.

CEO/Ph.D Se Jin Park

Greetings, I am Park Se jin the CEO of SEWON Intelligence


For the past 30 years, I have worked at the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, a government-funded research institute, to conduct research and development for the government and industry. All products, systems, and environments related to preventive health have been studied and I have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge. From the last project, we developed an intelligent real-time health monitoring platform. The 4th Industrial Revolution, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, and the new normal era by covid-19 have led me to develop an intelligent real-time health monitoring platform and started SEWON Intelligence.

In preparation for the new normal era such as non face-to-face, telecommuting, online lectures, etc., an individual's health status is informed to the customer(patient) through an intelligent real-time health monitoring system, which is the precursor for non-face-to-face care. And it is a platform that helps doctors to make more accurate diagnosis by providing data during their daily life to doctors when customers(patients) go to the hospital.

We consider personal health and preventive health as our highest value and will contribute to helping people and the world lead a happy life.