"Sewon Intelligence Unveils Real-time Health Monitoring Service at CES"

23 Jan 2024
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"Sewon Intelligence, led by CEO sejin Park, announced on the 10th that it will unveil a radar-based real-time health monitoring service at CES 2024, taking place in Las Vegas, USA, until the 12th (local time).

The flagship products include 'Just On Sleep' and 'Just On Work,' which can monitor health during sleep and work, respectively. These products come with features such as ▲ sleep reports and emergency alerts ▲ stress and fatigue measurement ▲ work schedule management. Each product also comes with a dedicated health management app.

At this exhibition, Sewon Intelligence will also introduce a wearable robot capable of monitoring the health of workers.

CEO sejin Park stated, "We have structured this exhibition with the message that real-time health monitoring is possible in various everyday situations," and added, "We will continue to pursue constant research and innovation in the field of health monitoring in the future."

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