"Sewon Intelligence, 'Just On Study' Wadiz funding launched"

6 Mar 2024
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Sewon Intelligence, a health monitoring platform company, has unveiled its learning aid device 'Just On Study (JUST ON STUDY)' through Wadiz crowdfunding.

Just On Study is a product that is placed on the desk. It monitors stress and fatigue levels during study sessions by collecting biometric signals through radar sensors. Additionally, it provides features such as providing background music, managing academic schedules, and enhancing concentration. They have also provided a dedicated management app that can be connected via Bluetooth to enhance user convenience.

 Sewon Intelligence is developing various products under the slogan 'Health diagnosis through everyday life' as a real-time health monitoring platform. Regarding this product, Se Jin Park, CEO of Sewon Intelligence, said, "This is the first crowdfunding product that approaches daily life closely," and added, "We developed it to enhance students' concentration and facilitate efficient learning." 

The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to run until March 18th.

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