2024.03.21. Participated in the 'Mid-America Trucking Show' (MATS2024) 

2024.01.09. Participated in the 'International Consumer Electronics Show

' (CES2024)


2023.06.08. Certification of venture companies (R&D type) 

2023.04.18. Participated in the 'Automotive Technology Fair' (WCX2023) 

2023.01.05. Participated in the 'International Consumer Electronics Show

' (CES2023)


2022.12.29. 2022 Gerontechnology Awards 'GT Enterprise Award'

2022.12.21. 2022 Korea Small and Medium Venture Business Awards 'Minister of Small and Medium Venture Business Award' 

2022.07.20. 2022 Korea Industrial Awards 'Korea Industrial Awards'


2021.07.28. 2021 Quality Satisfaction Index No. 1 Company and Innovative Technology Grand Prize (Sports Dong-A)

2021.07.01. Founding ceremony and seminar held

2021.06.28. Participation in 'Nextrise 2021'

2021.06.16. Participated in Busan International Korea Railways & Logistics Fair

2021.03.17. Company-affiliated research institute certification (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

2021.02.17. Venture company certification (Technology Guarantee Fund)


2020.11.13. Participated in Sleep Tech 2020 exhibition

2020.10.14. 'Real-time health monitoring platform SEAT' exhibition held

2020.08.28. B2B exhibition of sleep monitoring platform in collaboration with Ace Bed

2020.08.18. Technology transfer from Korea Institute of Standards and Science

2020.07.01. Company establishment